20 Transition Words for Persuasive Essays

Are you looking to write a persuasive essay? Perhaps you need to learn how to use transition words in one.
For what it's worth, there are a number of them. Read on to find out more about how you can learn to use transition words in persuasive essays.

Some of the best transition words you can use in order to state reasons are: "There are many reasons why," and "There are many explanations for," and "There are lots of positive/negative reasons for," and "There are benefits/disadvantages to," These are the best words you can use when you have to give the reasons why a given action should or should not occur (or does or does not occur).|f you want to state an opinion, some of
the best transition words you can use are: "I believe," "I can explain why," "Personally," and "I suggest." These are words you would use before giving your own opinion about a subject.
Next, for setting up a condition, try saying, "It," or "Even if," or "If I could," or 'Whether." You can also say "may/might“ or “can/be“ in front of the phrase in question If you're postulating whether or not something should occur, these are the words you would use.

To further an argument, there are several things you can say. You can say "First," "Second," "Third" or "In addition" or "There are reasons why" or "Similarly" or "Furthermore." You can also try saying things like "Moreover" or "Further." You can say "as an example" or "for instance." Or try "what’s more," or "Not only/but also." I feel that these statements as transition words can make a nice maneuver into your next paragraph, and they create a sense of fluidity and power in your phrasing.

There are many other transition words that you can try, but be sure that you come up with a new sentence that is really powerful on its own. When linking sentences together, you want to come up with the best transition words you can think of, and the ones I have listed here are just a few of them. These transition words will help you come up with the most persuasive possible arguments, and you're sure to love how easy it is to keep writing after you use them.
The key with persuasive essays is to keep writing as much as you can and read this, and to come up with a powerful thesis. After you have your thesis, then your transition words will flow naturally as you try to write something that is strong and means something to you and your readers. 80, what are you waiting for? Try out these powerful transition words, and be sure that you write as ably as you can throughout your essay. You're sure to love how your essay turns out if you try these words, and your readers will love it as much as you do, too.
So, try out some keen transition phrases, and everyone will be happy that you did as you should and used them. They are key ways to make your writing count.
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